In General

I got an email from the organizers of The Great Developer Summit saying that they are giving away 100 free tickets for the event. It’s on first come first served basis. All they needed was the name, email and phone.

It wouldn’t hurt, I figured and so I went ahead and filled in the details. I must’ve done that less than a minute after I received the mailer. Not that, I had much hopes of getting in. So, it was a pleasant surprise when I got a call from them saying that I might not have made the top 100. I shrugged my shoulders and carried on with my life.

Today, I receive another email from them confirming that I hadn’t made it but they are willing to give me an entry at the discounted cost of Rs.3599. The original cost, apparently, is Rs.5999.

And then, it stuck me. Gosh! It’s a sales tactic. And I fell for it.