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It’s exactly one year since I’ve been on Twitter.

First, i was skeptical about Twitter itself. My first initial reaction? It’s a micro-navel gazing tool and worse, watching others gaze their navels too.

Really, why would you want to know what folks are doing every errr.. hour? Are we all *that* unemployed?

I stayed away from it laughing at its stupidity. Then I saw more and more people, typically folks I have high regard for, jumping into it. I had this, ‘Damn! if I’m not in it, I’m not cool enough‘ feeling. Signed up to see what really it is.

Now, a year later, I find myself enjoying it. Especially catching up with people’s activities, who otherwise, I really wouldn’t have had a chance to. And Yes, it still continues to be a navel gazing tool.

Another reason why I like Twitter because its a place where I can write down things that I think are too frivolous for a blog post. “Crap! The crow just shat on me!”.

Sometimes, it can be a place for me to type my thoughts down and then pick one to expand into a blog post. It feeds my blog.

But mostly, it eats into blogging. I’ve noticed that my blogging frequency has fallen down ever since I’ve taken up twittering. The beauty of twitter may lie in its simplicity.

A few days ago, it was deja vu for me when I sat down to write about the ‘Business Uses of Twitter’. My initial feeling? Twitter is as useful for businesses as Orkut is. I was skeptical until I saw more and more businesses jumping in. Fastrack, JetBlue, SouthWest Airlines,Wrox. Then I woke up and peered in closer. The result of which you can read in this article for my Business Standard Column.