In Conferences

When I first looked at the schedule of the 3 day SAP Summit, one session clearly stood out for its uniqueness. It was a keynote speech on the 2nd day by Anil Kumble and my first thought was, “What is he doing with SAP?” I know other cricketers like Sachin and Sreesanth have diversified into restaurant business and figured maybe Anil Kumble was getting into Enterprise IT consulting. Even if he did, I probably wouldn’t be surprised because I read somewhere that his brother is already into some sort of IT business.

I thought wrong. He was there to speak on the topic of “Winning in a Competitive Scenario”. At the conference hall ways, there were plenty of jabs at the choice of his title, given his team’s dismal scenario at the IPL. One guy said, a better topic would have been, “How to Tide Over Difficult Times”.

But Anil silenced everyone with his talk. He spoke about team spirit and a captain motivates a team. He did touch upon and how they should be used to fire up your competitive spirit. He spoke about how the Indian team gives an alternative “Man of the match” decided by the players. I’m trying to get the video of Anil’s talk and will have it uploaded soon.

When Anil finished his talk, he had a standing ovation. The crowd was clearly bowled over.