In General

I walk into the kitchen this morning to find these milk covers stuck on the walls. Questions popped up in my head. What the hell are they doing on the wall? What are the covers glued with?

I preen a little closer to inspect. I peel out one cover to find what’s holding it. It’s water! Yup, the wet cover sticks to the white tile just like Post-It notes.

As to what they doing on the wall, I gave up guessing and asked my wife. It’s a simple drying technique, she tells me. Notice the picture carefully and you’ll see that the snipped corners are facing down to let the water drain out.

“Why dry?”, you ask. Because wet covers are a haven for fungus and foul smell. So, why not simply discard them? Because those empty covers make some money. The ‘old newspaper wallah’ pick them for Rs.5 per 100 covers. At an average of 5 covers a day, that’s 150 covers a month at a Rs.7.50 valuation! The trouble that folks go through for this!!

The economics of kitchen never ceases to amaze me! I’ll file this under ‘It happens only in India”.