In Ideas

I’ve seen fancy, decorative wedding invitation cards but this one takes the cake for being different.

I recently met up with my friend Praveen Menon, who heads Sales for BharathMatrimony. When I gave him my business card, he smiled and said how everyone now seems to be getting creative with cards. That’s when he took out his wallet and then whipped out a card. At first I thought it was a business card and asked myself, “what’s different?” until I read through it! 🙂 Ever seen a wedding invite kept in a wallet?!

The wordings aren’t clear in the pics below and hence have written down the text for easy readability.

check out the name & designation: Usha Rohini, Life Partner of Sudhir PR

Text in the card: “Whatever you do, please don’t call this yet another startup company. Call this the grand meeting of the two legendary planets, if you will. Or the big bang that’ll change both our lives. In any case, do be there with your family. And bring along all the warmth and blessings you can muster. Because it’s simply the day of my merger with my Life Partner.”