In Writing

This blog post by Jeremiah Owyang reopened my eyes to blogging. For a long time, I’ve left this blog unattended. I could put the blame on increased workload, twitter and family but really, there should be no excuse. Especially when this blog has brought me jobs, work, friends, speaking, teaching, writing opportunities and much more.

Here’s what Jeremy says and I so totally agree with him.

“I pay myself first. What does that mean? It means before I get bogged down in email hell, and feedreader hell, I focus my priorities on the tools that will maximize my time. A blog is a broadcast tool that let’s me communicate to many people at once. It’s the most efficient use of my time, and it saves me time. For every email you write, you’re likely to get more in in return, and that’s not efficient. I look for efficient communication tools, and a blog is right for me”

It’s the rap on my knuckle that I needed.