In General

One of the activities that I enjoy in the mornings is to arrange flowers at my office. This is the first thing that you see as you enter into our little office and something that I take a lot of pride in.

I buy these flowers from a wonderful old lady who has a small makeshift stand right next to our apartment. Every morning, her smile brightens me up and almost always, she gives me more flowers for the money she takes.

We have a nice Gulmohar tree and a big Bougainvillea climber and they are in full bloom now. Every morning, I pick up the fresh flowers that have withered from the trees, before they get crushed by the cars and bikes.

Pretty soon, we are also planning flower beds inside our apartment where we’ll have many potted plants. It’ll take a lot of effort but should be fun.

I think this flower in a water clay pot is a strong rub-off from Aurobindo Ashram where flowers is a way of life. It’s a small slice of Pondicherry I’d like to carry along.