In Twitter

I’m doing a story on Indian CEOs who tweet regularly for my next Business Standard column. It’s an idea inspired from this BusinessWeek story that lists global CEOs who tweet. While I already followed about 50% of the CEOs, the article showed me new interesting CEOs to follow. Figured, it would be good to make a similar list for India. And so here we are.

I took a quick minute to set up a new page in a Wiki. Had a wiki installed in Cerebrate site which I wasn’t using much and figured I’d put it to use.

Would be great if you can help out by pointing out names. Please edit and add away. Actually, the title might as well read, “Indian CEOs who microblog”. But since Twitter quickly conveys what a microblog really is, I let it stick. So, the CEOs who use any microblog services like twitter – jaiku, lifeblob, pownce,kwippy etc, qualifies.

Who Qualifies?

1. CEOs of Indian origin. They could either be in India or abroad.
2. Expat CEOs of companies based in India. (example: CEO of Hyundai India)
3. Size of companies doesn’t matter. Startups with employee size 1 are as good as Microsoft.
4. CXO’s are in too. Top mgmt folks who are COO, CTO, CMO, CIO are good.
5. Founders of organizaions (who may not have a CEO title) are good too. (Example, Vijay Anand, Founder,

Please head to the wiki here. Thanks in advance.