In General

While driving to Pondicherrry on the scenic East Coast Road,  a Maruti Swift Dzire overtook us.  I was driving at a ‘not-so-slow’ 70 kmph and this car was clearly touching the 90s.  Barely a few minutes later, we were shocked to find the same car rolled over on the road side.�

We screeched to a halt, jumped out and rushed to the car fearing the worst. By then, the local farm workers also rushed towards the car. Miraculously, all the three passengers, an elderly gentleman and a middle aged couple, escaped scathe free. They were pulled out of the car and clearly were in a state of shock. The rains made the fields soggy and ensured a soft landing.

The East Coast Road has many curvy corners and the owner of the car, couldn’t maneuver the corner in the high speed. Worse, he hit the brakes hard while turning at high speed that sent the car cartwheeling off the road.

The owner of the car said that they had just taken the delivery of the brand new car and decided to take a drive to Pondicherry as a celebratory drive. The car, unlike its lucky passengers, was totalled.