In podcast, The Kiruba Show

After ages, its good to be podcasting again. The news of the tie up with Business Standard was the boost I needed to get back into play.

This morning I got to have a converation with Benjamin Wegg Prosser, who is Director of Corporate Development of SUP, (“pronounced as Soup, as in Tomato Soup”), better known as the owners of LiveJournal. You can listen to the podcast here.

Live Journal, for those who don’t know, is one of the earliest blogging services started way back in 1999 and still continues to be a significant player. The intro was done by Rajesh Lalwani, founder of BlogWorks and who handles LiveJournal’s account in India.

Ben has an intereting profile. In his earier job, Ben served as director of strategic communications at Tony Blair’s cabinet, Yup, the ex-prime minister of UK. Here, he oversaw a series of innovations including the launch of e-petitions service and the first YouTube channel for any head of government in 2007. Take that Obama!

Prior to Downing Street, Benjamin worked at The Guardian where he held positions as publisher and General Manager of The Guardian’s website, handling diferent sections.

Go ahead and listen to the interview. You can also download the interview and load it onto your iPod, mobile phone or your music player and listen to it on the go.