In General

This is the apartment next to ours that got flooded. Water had entered all the ground floor apartments and they were pumping out water using the two motors the whole day. Thankfully, our apartment was built on a higher foundation and we were safe.

About a few hundred meters from my home is this place called ‘MettuKuppam’. Tranlated in english, it would mean ‘Village on a higher ground’. In reality, it was the opposite. Every street out there looked like this.

Notice how water is flowing through the streets like a river.

This is the street where the Electricity Board Office is located. It was funnily ironic that they couldn’t restore electricity to their own office.

Water has entered every home. Notice how this shopkeeper has used bricks elevate this stall.

Kids sieving the waters for fish. Don’t think they got lucky.

A tree has split into two and fallen off.