In General

I’m off now to get things needed for bartending at our college reunion. I’m the official bartender and its important to stock up.

The stuff that I already have:

Juicer Maker – picking this off the kitchen
Cocktail Shaker – a gift from my friend Mahesh
Cocktail Golf Set – a gift that a conference organizer presented for my talk.
Glasses – have a full set bought for the rooftop vodka cocktail get-together.
Knife – stealing this from the kitchen.
Ice and Ice Box – Buying about 30 kgs of ice. Incidentally my 4th standard classmate is running this business.

The stuff that I need to buy:

Filter (strainer)
Tomato Juice Pack
Orange Juice Pack
Cranberry Juice Pack
Worstershire Sauce
Pepper sauce
Salt and Pepper cans
Sugar (grind into powder)
Tissue Papers

The following will have to be bought from the Koyambedu Fruit market. Am keeping this for tomorrow’s shopping.

Watermelons (1)
Coconuts (10)
Rose Petals