In General

It’s not often that one gets to attend a TED.  The combination of exclusive and expensive makes it hard to get.   After I attended TEDindia at Mysore,  I was so smitten by my experience that I made it my goal to attend one more TED.  So, when I got an invite to participate and speak in TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA, I dived in head first.

Here’s how my schedule roughly looks like.

Feb 7 & 8 – Los Angeles

Feb 9 – 13 – Palm Springs at TEDactive

Feb 14 – 16 – San Francisco

At both LA and SFO, I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends and interesting people.  Please ping me at or +91.9841597744 if you would be game for a meet up.   At LA,  I’m also looking for a couch to crash at.

While I’ve been to California before, I never really took the time out to see around LA or SFO in detail. I’d love to hear from you on interesting places to visit.  I generally tend to avoid very touristy places.   In addition to places, I’m also very eager to meet achievers that I’d like to profile at the Cerebrate book.

Thanks in advance for your help.