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One of the tricks in designing a good Twitter background image is to make it relevant when being viewed in different monitor resolutions. The most common ones being 1024×768 and 1280×1024.

My designer, Rajesh, recently took the initiative to design a background for my twitter account @Kiruba . We keep doing this for our clients and he felt we should eat our own dog food. I totally agreed with him.

Let me share with you our experience whilst designing the background image. But first, take a look at how my new design looks in both the monitor resolutions.

The first is the 1280×1024 version.

Here’s what the same background image looks like in 1024×768.

If you notice, it looks fairly OK in both the resolutions. It didn’t come easy. It took many iterations from our designer to nail it right. The trick is to align the position of the pictures and the URLs in the right spot. Take a look at what the real background image looks like.

You’ll notice that my logo appears twice. That’s to make sure that the logo placement come out perfectly in both the resolutions. In the 1024×768 resolution, none of the URLs will appear. That’s OK. Its a compromise one has to make. But you’ll notice that they disappear cleanly without parts of it visible.

Here are a couple of good sites in case you want to try your hand at whipping out a good background image for your Twitter account.

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Good luck and do share in the comments section if you have designed a background for your account. Also, point out your favorite twitter backgrounds.

P.S : One of my new year resolution is to blog regularly here. I’ve been very erratic last year. Glad I sneaked in a post. My resolution lives to fight another day!