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‘Personal Branding Tweet’ is my 3rd book that I’m working on. The book delves on nuggets of valuable information to effectively brand and market oneself.

The book is a Tweet Book. What is it? Simply, the book contains 140 tweets. Each tweet, as everyone knows, is within 140 characters. Each of these tweets contains a useful tip, insightful thought or an interesting quote. All pertaining to the subject of personal branding. Some from very successful folks, that I look upto.

OH, what can be said in 140 characters, you ask? You’d be amazed.

The reason why I’m sold on Tweet Books is because of its ease with which information is consumed. Let me draw an analogy. When we listen to a lecture or talk and take notes, we never write down the entire talk. We only jot down the most important points. Reading them will set your thoughts flowing as your mind begins to expand on them. The Tweet book does exactly that.

My previous book, ‘Crowdsourcing Tweet’ was a fabulous experience. I have just completed the book and is in the editing stage. It will hit the stands in the next few months. For a tweet book, I took a really long time to finish it (would you believe 8 months!!) but having finished it, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As soon as I finished with it, I could not wait to get started with my next book.

I asked myself which are the subjects that I’m truly passionate about. About a few, the one that got me immediately excited was Personal Branding. I’ve been looking at people I admire and been noticing what makes them start apart. I figured it would be a good way to put together the learning. The book also has generous insights from some very successful people and people who professionally advise on branding.

Now, I’d like to take it further by involving you.

As some of you who may know me well, I’m a big believer in the wisdom of the crowds. I strongly believe that the collective wisdom of many is higher than just what I would know. That’s why I invite you to join in. I’d love to hear your ideas and tips on Personal Branding. The good ones will get added to the book and will credit you in the book.

There are many ways you can share your thoughts on Personal Branding for the book.
1) You can email your tweets to
2) You can leave them in the comments below
3) You can blog about it and pass along the link
4) You can tweet it and pass along the link.

When you do send across the tweets, I would want the following.
a) Your name
b) A 140 bio about yourself
c) Link to your blog, twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

Alternatively, if you would like to be anonymous (for whatever reason) do mention that and will respect it.

The book is an inspiration from Rajesh Setty, my mentor and a close friend. He has made an amazing impact on my life and really woken up the writer in me.

The book would be published by Happy About, a California based publishing house run by the awesome Mitchell Levy, who I had the good fortune to meet during my visit to Silicon Valley.

Credit for this book should also go to Radhika, the hard working research assistant who is passionate about New Media and entrepreneurship. She did a lot of heavy lifting on this project. Credit also goes to Murugesan for doing the prototype of the book cover design which follows the book series.

So, would you like to join in the project? I sure hope you do. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers.