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I will be doing a podcast interview with Steve Mills who has played a leading role in the growth of IBM Software Group since its inception in 1995. If you would like to join in by participating in this collaborative interview, please read on how you can do so at the end of this blog post. Meanwhile, here’s more info about Steve Mills.

In his current capacity, Steve is responsible for directing approximately 100,000 employees spanning development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and support of IBM’s Software & Systems Group that contributes over $40 billion in revenue, and powers more than 100,000 enterprises around the world.

Steve is a long time IBMer. He joined IBM in 1973 and has held various executive leadership positions over the years, spearheading the delivery of industry-leading products that provide critical business integration infrastructure.

How you can participate in this collaborative podcast.

By Asking Questions : Think of me as the bridge between you and Steve Mills. If you have any questions for Steve Mills, just ask. I’ll include the relevant questions to the list. I’ll ask Steve Mills your question on your behalf and when the interview gets published, you’ll get due credit for it. When your question appears, it will have your name, designation, Twitter/FB handle, and blog URL.

How to send in your questions.

via Email : Just mail your questions to my email id Kiruba @ with the subject line ‘Questions for Steve Mills’.

via SMS : Send in your questions to my mobile number 09841597744. Be sure to include your name, twitter handle and your website or blog url.

via Twitter : You can send your questions by including @kiruba in your tweet.

via Facebook : On facebook I’m at Either send me the questions via FB mail or leave them on my wall.

via voice : Record your question as an MP3 file and mail them to me. Or better still, host them on and send me the link.

via YouTube : Record your question as video for Steve and send me the link. We’ll make sure to add your question to the list.

I look forward to your questions and to spend quality time with Steve Mills.