In Teaching

I have been teaching at the Madras AdClub since 1999. Madras AdClub runs a post-graduate one year course on Advertising and I handle Online Advertising, Digital Strategies and Social Media.

My class has 15 students and on a good day about 12 turn up. This is an evening course and classes run from 6:30 to 8pm. Most are working professionals or students pursuing other courses.

Here’s a sneak peak into my class and my mode of teaching. Today’s class focused on group discussion on how 3 companies use social media : Mahindra & Mahindra, General Motors and Pizza Hut. The teams were split into teams of 2 and they’ll have to work on the case studies and make presentations on the strategies. The entire class dives into the discussion and strategies are debated. Sometimes, it really gets heated!

I tell my students that I never teach. I only help faciliate their learning. Before the students come to the class, they have to do pre-class reading and come prepared with the subject for the day. The class time is better spent dissecting strategies and answering doubts.

This sort of engaged discussion method is way better and more engaging than a traditional lecture & PPT talk. View the Album.