In General

There was a rat in our home that’s been troubling us for a few days. We decided to get rid of it and set up a trap with some food inside as bait. After a few days of dodging, the rat finally got caught. I picked up the rat-trap to look at the catch and I immediately noticed something special.

The entire rat’s body was inside the trap and only one limb and its tail was catch by the trap door, with its limb slightly jutting outside. It immediately reminded me of Aron Ralston, the ‘127 hours’ guy, whose hand was caught by a boulder in a remote canyon desert. I had just seen the movie last night and spent a few more hours catching up on real video footages and his interviews. The memories were fresh and this rat was like the rodent equivalent of Aron.

This rat was a fighter. It kept gnawing at the wooden insides and the metal spring. I kept noticing it for 15 minutes and it never looked like it was giving up. I just couldn’t get myself to kill it. I picked up the trap, went to the road and released it. It waited a few seconds and then ran out limping.

This rat will have a story to tell its horde, I’m sure. And quite possibly become a hero!