In Travelogue

I’m starting a mini-travelogue documenting my trip to Detroit. In this travelogue, I’ll try and capture interesting experiences along the way.

Meeting the Phantom Limb Man :

On the Feb 7th night, I head to the Chennai airport to catch my JetAirways flight. While waiting to check-in at the counter, I was pleasantly surprised to find the famed V.S.Ramachandran standing behind me. I opened up the conversation mentioning that a couple of my friends met him at Landmark book store and he mentioned that he was here for the launch of his new book, The Tell Tale Brain. He spoke about how he had another title but his publishers recommended the new one as his old title sounded too academic. Requested him for a podcast but he politely refused saying he’d rather do it after two weeks. I’ll hold him to that.

Where the $*%#& does my flight leave from?
After checking-in, while waiting for boarding the flight, I noticed that the passengers were a bit harried and bugged. I soon realized why. There was no information which gates the flights are departing from. There are 10 gates and no info on which flight is leaving from which gate. And to make it worse there was no information kiosk to ask as well. The only saving grace was that the PA system was clear enough and one had to stay tuned to the announcements to get the results.

Just 1 Internet PC?
There is just one cybercafe from AirTel inside the waiting lounge for passengers waiting to catch their flights. And that solitary cybercafe has just one computer! No WiFi as well. Can you believe this? There must be atleast 500 passengers at any given point of time and just one internet PC! I asked the guy who was manning the AirTel counter why only one, and he shrugged saying, ‘Airport authorities have allowed permission for only one computer’! Geez. He then proceeded to say that Airtel is having this couner more for advertising reasons than as a business proposition. Right. What else can they expect to do with 1 PC?!

The Nicest Lady Captain I’ve Heard.
We had a lady pilot for the Chennai-Brussels flight and the most informative one that I’ve heard in my life. Most pilots spell out basic information in a robotic way but this lady captain was having a conversation. She must’ve spoken for a full 5 minutes and in a very friendly and interesting way. She said that the flight was burning 3000 litres of gasoline per hour! She also warned early that the its quite windy in Brussels and to expect a bumpy touchdown. True to her words, the climbdown resembled a DisneyWorld rollercoaster ride.

Movies and Food.
It was a really long flight. In addition to a little bit of sleep, managed to watch two full movies. ‘The Town’ and ‘Life as we know it’. I quite enjoyed the service by Jet Airways and the food was above-par and filling.

Landed at Brussels.
We landed at Brussels airport and I expected it to be snowing. Afterall its in Europe right and was surprised that it was warm at 11 degrees.