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On June 17th, Friday, I’m moderating a panel discussion on Virtualization and Data management for a Dell event here in Chennai.  This event is meant for CTOs and IT Heads of mid-range companies ( 100 to 500 employees).

Virtualization and Cloud are hot topics these days and it would be interesting to get the complete low-down on them from the experts at Dell.  I’ve started to research on good topics to speak on and here are a few talking points.  Let me know  if we can build on these to make the one hour panel discussion really content worthy and useful.

  • What is virtualization and how does it differ from the cloud?
  • What are the things to do on the application front when you virtualize and then move to the cloud?
  • Technologies used to manage data growth; intelligent data management; server Virtualization;
  • Server sprawl; underutilized server; managing data without buying more storage
  • Challenges in managing the Data center : too many tools for managing different technology solutions
  • How do you go about virtualizing storage assets?
  • More importantly, understanding how to make full use of these technologies.

My fellow panelists are :

Arun Bhardwaj, Director – Global Alliances, Dell India on Virtualization,
Bobby Mon, ESG Head, Dell India on Data Management and Storage
Joe Francis, Services Director, Dell India

I’m looking forward to the event and I’ve always enjoyed playing the role of a moderator. I’m keenly looking at involving the audience proactively in this one hour discussion. Should be fun.