In farm

Here’s a short video of the 7 acre farm as it stands now. Remember, this land has been unused for the last 30 years.  So, it needs a lot of work to get it back in shape.

The old villagers tell me that during my grandfather’s time, this used to be such a fertile land and regularly has bountiful harvests of paddy, sugarcane and brinjals.

After decades of neglect, the land right now is filled with thorny bushes and some well grown to be trees. These will have to be removed using bulldozers (JCB). The chopped trees make for good firewood and is used for baking bricks in the brick kiln. Yes, we also make our own bricks.

The trick is in the timing of cutting these trees down. These must be cut only a few days before the brick kiln is ready to be burnt. If you cut earlier, then the wood dries up and loses its calorific value. Also, not cutting it is a good way to avoid pilferage.  So, we have cleaned about a quarter of the land and the rest will be cleaned up after a few months.