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The venue for the launch of my book, ‘Copy Right and Left : Understanding Creative Commons‘ has been decided. It’s at the Henry Maudslay Hall in Anna University, Chennai.

There are a couple of reasons why I chose Anna University.
1) This is a university that I have been teaching in for over 10 years. There is a special bond that I’ve created.

2) Two of the three researchers who worked on the book, Sushmitha and Preethi, are from this University. What better way to commemorate their work than in front of their peers!

3) Since I know many of the professors and faculty, it becomes so much more easier for me to organize things. Sometimes paperwork and red-tapism can be irksome but not when you know the right people! 🙂

4) The University has a very rich heritage and history. I’m particularly fond of places that has left a deep legacy. For example, the very hall where the book is getting launched is named after Henry Maudslay, the celebrated tool maker born in 1781 !!

5) It’s economical. That’s the advantage of an educational institution. A similar facility would have costed ten times more.

6) The subject of Creative Commons is directly applicable to the students of Media Sciences department. Since the event takes place within campus, it makes it easier for the students to attend the book launch and the informative panel discussion that follows. It will be a power-packed one hour, a worthy replacement for a class-room teaching.

The date for the book launch is July 20th, between 9:45 am and 11 am. I hereby cordially invite you to the book launch function. For your convenience, here are some pictures of both the university and the Henry Maudslay hall so that its easy for you to recognize the place.

As you enter the campus from the main gate, this is the impressive and imposing building that you’ll see.  At this junction, you take a left and keep going straight.

The greenery along the way.

This is the venue. The Henry Maudslay hall.   Its right next to the Mechanical Department.  When you want directions, just ask for the ‘Mechanical Dept’. You are more likely to get an answer than if you asked for the Henry Maudslay Hall.   BTW, I love that tree in front of the hall.

A closer look at the entrance of the hall.  I couldn’t take the inside pics as the hall was closed on that day.

The map.  Not sure if it makes sense to you.  Getting here is very simple. Enter the campus. Head straight to the main building. Then turn left and keep going until you reach the hall. Its quite simple. Call me at 98415 97744 if you need help.

Hoping you see you at the launch on July 20 at 9:45am.