In General

One of the best news I have heard today is the announcement of an awesome event, the TEDxWWW. The ‘WWW’ expands to World Wide Workshop, a global event exclusively for the TEDx Organizers around the world.

Ever since I started becoming active in the TEDx community, one of the things that puts me in awe is TED’s ability to think big. Pulling together an event for TEDx organizers around the World is no joke. There are over 2000 TEDx events in almost every country around the World.

Let me tell you why I respect this event so much. In India, there have been discussions within the TEDx organizers community to have one national event which brings together all the TEDx organizers. This brings in the challenge of fixing a date that is comfortable for everyone, fixing a venue that’s easy for people to get to, organizing stay, working out the logistics and much more. While organizing a TEDx event in the city is an effort, it takes even greater effort to pull together a national event. The geographical distance and the ability to make it easy for everyone to come will be key.

Now to see someone do the same event but on a Worldwide scale deserves my utmost respect. This is one MASSIVE event. Kudos to the TED staff, members of Doha Film Institute and the TEDx volunteers.

TEDxWWW, hosted by the Doha Film Institute, is a three-day event convening in Doha, Qatar, and commencing on April 16th, 2012. According to TED website, TEDxWWW will be a private event, open only to members of the global TEDx community, together with the TED team. It will be an opportunity to connect, share best practices, discuss local and regional strategies and brainstorm new ideas and collaborations.

TEDxDoha, curated by TED, DFI and the global TEDx community, will take place on April 20, immediately following TEDxWWW. The event will feature speakers and performers from the Middle Eastern region as well as other parts of the world, recommended by the TEDx community.