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Last weekend, I traveled to Bangalore on work and took advantage of the extended weekended to do things that I had long wanted to do.

I wanted to visit farms similar to what I’m trying to create. I always felt that the best way of learning is by looking at the real thing and speaking to the person who created it.

On 13th August, I drove to Vanashree farm along with a friend of mine. I had already written to Srikanth, the owner of the farm, about my quest and he was only too eager to help me out.

Srikanth took me on a tour of his farm and this particular video was shot when we visited his Banana farm. He explains why its best to let nature take its course and when one does that, it gives out better yeild.

This is a particularly useful video where Srikanth explains that neatness is not particularly a good trait for a farm. What may look unkempt and disorderly is actually nature’s way of being efficient. Also, from this video, you’ll notice what a small amount of land can produce. Keep a keen eye on the different crops grown between the plantain trees.

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