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I had the most interesting, enthusiastic phone conversation with Narasinga Pakka from Bangalore who is very passionate about starting a farm. Narasinga has returned back from the US after 14 years and is seriously considering full time farming. I have huge respect for people who have the clarity of vision and the guts to do things that other’s shy away from. I’m also a big fan of putting your heart and soul on a project and doing it full time.

Narasinga sent me this email and I took his permission to post his ideas so others can benefit from his knowledge. The following are in Narasinga’s own words.

“I also have a small patch of land near Bangalore and I intend to develop it here are some of the ideas I’m thinking of.

1) Design the farm – Before that attend a farm design course at Vanagam
– Inspiration from Vanashree, GreenLocal and also Baifwadi

2) Put in a place good infrastructure that could be like a dream I would refer to page 8 of this document at India Water Portal

3) Grow as many fruit trees as possible including underutilized, rare exotics check out
Soans, Indian Institute of Horticulture Research and FloraCafe

4) Grow as many non fruit trees as possible you can find the list on Vanashree & Greenlocal and also at Project GreenHands

5) By the way read LEISA India Magazine on and I can also suggest a few Kannada ones (if you can read it).