In General

Beyond Barriers is an incredible journey in 80 days through 30 States and Union Territories of India kick-started by Arvind Prabhoo, Sunita Sancheti, Nishant Khade and Neenu Kewlani.

The four of them are enterprising individuals who inspite of their disabilities are striving to see members of the society like them being given equal oppurtunity in Travel and Tourism.

The basic motivation behind this tour is to make the destinations of tourist interest in each state accessible to People with Disabilities (PwD’s), senior citizens, pregnant women & temporarily injured.Thus making India an accessible tourist destination for ALL.

Beyond Barriers is a daring initiative under the aegis of Vijay Merchant Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled (VMRCD). The organization firmly believes in seeing India, our beautiful country as a barrier free nation and making it a tourist destination for all. It is an effort to truly treat all as equal.