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After mulling over a name for months and seriously researching for one the last couple of days,  my family and I picked out a real winner. We named our 7 acre farm, Vaksana.

Vaksana is a Sanskrit word that has several meaning, all of which we liked.

Nourisher, Invigorating, Refreshing and the one we really liked, Fertile Place.

I have realized that branding is very important to a farm. I learned this after I started visiting various other farm, most notably VanaShree and NavaDarshanam.

In the beginning a name may not seem important to a farm. Especially when its barren. But one will start to realize its potential when the products have to be marketed. Without an identity, it can be difficult to create a differentiation.

Also, naming a farm is like naming a child. The name grows on you and the more you call it by its name, the more the bonding.

What is the naming process that I followed?  I started off with noting down the words that I truly believed in.  Some of the words that I noted down were Open, Collaboration, Sweat, Joy, Fertility.   I started to find out the Sanskrit names for these words.

I had a choice of having an English word, Tamil word or a Sanskrit word for the name. As soon as I looked at the list of Sanskrit words, I immediately fell in love with them. There were lots of words that really sounded very nice and knew that I will focus only on Sanskrit words.

I then made a shortlist of names that I liked. I used a few online Sanskrit dictionaries that also showed the meaning for the words to pick out the names. Here’s what I landed with.

Navadina : New Day, New Beginning

Vyatta : Open

SasyaPradha : Fertile

Susveda : Sweating profusely

Samasta : Whole

Tanha : Thirst for living

Kshipta : Active

Vaksana : Fertile Place thats refreshing and invigorating.

I seemed to like pretty much the entire lot. Now I know that if I buy many farms, it will be a lot easier for me to name them! 🙂

In order to select the best of the lot, I wrote down all the names along with their meaning in a sheet of paper. I showed it to my wife, mother and father. I asked them to pick up two of their favorite names from the list.  Vaksana was picked by all four of us and that made the choice easier.

As luck would have it, the domain names for Vaksana were available and I promptly went and booked and domain names. The .com, though, was picked by someone else but not being used. will be the primary domain name while the .in was picked more to avoid domain squatting and brand dilution.  Both these domain names will be redirected to

Before picking up a name, I always google for it to find the search results. If the results are low, then its a good pick. Vaksana had very few results and that’s a good thing.

Vaksana is new and I hope you get to meet her in person soon! 🙂