In Teaching

At the start of my first day of class for the 2011 batch of students at the Madras Advertising Club, I asked them to do a task. I asked each of the students to write down three things that they HATE in a teacher and 3 qualities that they LOVE in a teacher.

I asked them to think of their teachers in school and college while listing down their thoughts. I advised them not to write their names as I wanted them to write with a free and open mind.

These inputs are always helpful in understanding the expectations of the students. I’m passionate about consistently improving myself as a teacher and have found these to be very helpful in my pursuit of excellence.

I figured I would share this list as this would be useful for anyone interesting in teaching.

I have compiled all the points together. I have left out duplicate points. The language you find below are from the students themselves with just minor polishing from my side.


  • Talking only theoretically about a subject.
  • Showing partiality to select students
  • Thinking students are Morons and does not respect their intelligence.
  • The ‘I am the boss here’ kind of attitude
  • Not presenting oneself interestingly to the students.
  • Being arrogant
  • One who demotivates back-benchers
  • Not having real work experience and practical experience in the field
  • Being bookish
  • One who is judgmental about students based on their academic scores
  • Too much focus on notes and attendance
  • Spits when they talk
  • Not dressing smartly
  • Can’t take criticism
  • Not providing examples or case-studies
  • Not having command or presence in the class
  • Without passion for teaching
  • Teachers who preach rather than teach
  • Teachers who harass emotionally



  • One who shares all his knowledge without holding anything back
  • Who is practically interactive
  • Having an ‘I’m going to rock this class’ attitude.
  • Showing equal importance to all students
  • Uses easy methods of teaching
  • Sharing their own experiences
  • One who prepares well for the classes
  • Practical knowledge sharing – Treating class as a forum for discussion
  • Flexibility in terms of generational change
  • High involvement with the students
  • Good presentation skills
  • Being Punctual
  • A good relationship beyond teaching

Hope you found these lists useful. Do add in your likes and dislikes below and will add them to the list above.