In Antiques

The last few months, I have been very active in following my passion of collecting antiques. During my trips to Calcutta, Bombay and Delhi, I have rummaged through flea markets and old curio shops in narrow gullies.

The hunt has been fairly successful and I have picked up an amazing list of antiques I’m quite proud of.  Some of the items are very old and hence in dilapidated condition or rusted all over.  Now, should I repair that century old Commodore camera? If I do so, will it lose its antique charm.  Or let’s take this  beautiful pair of kerosene cycle lamps which is completely rusted over. Should I let it be or give in to the urge of cleaning the rust off and getting it back to its original glory?

I’m stuck. And in situations like this, I just let things be.

So, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you leave the antiques as they are? Or would you repair/polish them?