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Years of flying has taught me which seats to pick and which ones to avoid. Its helped me make my journeys better and figured it might be useful to you too.

The following advice is intended for aircrafts like Boeing 737-800 ( Jet Airways, SpiceJet ) and Airbus A320 (GoAir, IndiGo, KingFisher and Indian Airlines) but may be applicable to many others.

The Best Seat:  Want to get an Economy Class seat with as much legroom as a Business Class seat?  Then use these three magic words when you check-in.  ‘Emergency Reclining Aisle‘.  Now Repeat that 10 times loudly.

Don’t just ask for Emergency seat, ask for Emergency Reclining. This is the second row of emergency seats that not only has the leg room but its also reclining.

As a bonus, a good looking air-hostess will come to you to read out the emergency exit instructions.

The Worst Seat:  Its the row just before the emergency seats. Not only is the leg space cramped, the reclining is disabled as well. So is with the seats in the very last row. To make it worse, you have two toilets to deal with. Now you know what to avoid.

Trust that was useful. Do you have any aircraft tips to share?