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With Olympics a little over a month ago, I’ve already been bitten by the Games bug. I’m compiling a list of very inspiring stories from the Olympic Games (all forms: Summer Games, Winter Games, Paralympics and Youth Games).  This is for a newly launched book project. The idea is to pick up these inspiring lessons and apply them to our working and real life.

To see an example of the success stories, please take a look at this page to get an idea.   These can be stories which illustrate the following…

Planning : How a sports person has meticulously planned his or her preparation.  A well planned training regiment. An example for us to learn to apply while dealing with big projects at work.

Peaking: A story to show that peaking at the right time is important.  While preparation is important, it equally important not to burn out and to conserve the best for the main event.

Perseverance: Stories of how athletes have never given up in-spite of hurdles.

Overcoming Failure: Inspiring stories of how sports persons have overcome failures and in fact used them as a great motivational force to succeed.

Sportsmanship: Examples of ethics and respect for fellow athletes. Lessons we must learn and apply in our corporate life.

Leadership: How a man or woman has been a true leader, catalyzing an entire team to achieve success.  In corporate life, it will be the CEO and powerful lessons to learn from sports leaders.

Coaching:  The importance of  experience and how a coach has played an important role in shepherding a team to Gold.  In corporate life, this role is played by mentors.