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Right opposite my home is a bakery I frequent. It’s run by a guy who earlier used to run a TV repair shop.  The TV repair business wasn’t doing well and he shifted his profession.

What has screw drivers got to do with cakes? Nothing.

One evening, while munching an egg puff, I asked him about his knowledge of baking. He replied he knew nothing but was confident of his business skills.  He recruited a very talented baker (“master’ as they are usually called) who did all the hard work of baking while the owner took care of the business side of things.

I asked him what would happen to his business if the baker fell ill and did not turn up for work or had to go home for an important festival.  His answer not only surprised me but drove home a very important lesson that we should all learn.

He said that in the baking community, it is commons practice that  if a “master” had to go on leave, then it is their duty to find another “Master” and fill his place until he returns.  This is a practice that is special to this set of people. The bakers form a community code and help each other.

I learnt a valuable lesson. If a bakery does this, why not in our firm? We now have applied this principle in our office.  Should someone be absent, then its their duty to make sure that someone, either within the company or outside, handle the task.  If anyone quits the job, then its their duty to get a proper replacement during their notice period.

Amazing what a bakery can teach you in life!