In Village

Image courtesy: Telegraph

For all you folks living in Chennai and cribbing about the power cuts, I urge you to live for a week in a village. Let me give you a first hand report. Here’s the real scenario in Rettani, our village near Tindvanam, Tamilnadu.

Here are the power-cut timing.

5am – 10am (5 hours)
12 noon – 3pm (3 hours)
9pm – 10pm ( 1 hour)
12 midnight – 1pm (1 hour)

Total power cut hours: 10 hours.

Yup, out of 24 hours in a day, there is no power for 10 hours.  In some places, its as worse as 14 hours of power cut. How does that sound against the 2 hour power shut down in Cities.

Electricity is a basic necessity, much like water and air. Agriculture is taking a big hit because of these power-cuts. I’m sure the industries are hit even worse. Its directly affecting the economy. What’s worse is there is no clear deadline for this problem to be solved? Should we not be revolting? Should we not be terribly angry? No, we all take it in our stride. We go buy inverters and circumvent the problem. Myopic thinking at its best. No wonder the Government takes this lightly with no certain solution in the horizon. Tch Tch.