In Eccentric

camphor on pumpkin

There’s a micro-economy involved in warding off the “evil-eye”.  Rs.50 for a pumpkin. Rs. 2for a camphor. Rs.100 for the guy to push the evil out.  Typically  all the family members assemble as a group and a guy lights up the camphor and moves the pumpkin in a circular fashion as a way to ward off evil.

It takes less than a minute and Rs.100 for it looked like easy money.  However, I was surprised to see a poor cart-pusher turn down the opportunity offered by a family. Its probably a full day’s earning for him that he could have earned in a minute.

I was curious and asked him why he turned down the offer to earn Rs.100. His response surprised me. He said that the evil from the family would latch on to him and he would fall sick. And going to the doctor would cost him atleast Rs.200 !!


This is the 21st century and there are still people who believe in stupid beliefs.