In farm

The amount of plastic that gets used in villages is shocking. I realized that when I started cleaning up my farm. After two hours, I ended up with 4 sackful of plastic waste. Yup, that’s just from my farm.

Most of the plastic is from lunch packets. Each ‘Meals’ (thali) has five small packets, one each of Kozhambu, Sambar, Rasam, Buttermilk, Poriyal and all of them put in a bigger plastic bag. So, a single parcel of thali pollutes the farm by dumping 6 plastic bags. There are at least a dozen laborers (we are building a farm house). So, do the math.

Now, if this is the situation in just my farm, imagine what happens in the rest of the village. The only solution that I foresee is a complete ban on disposable plastic which has been successfully implemented in certain hill stations.