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Announcing FarmCamp, the farming Unconference in Chennai on August 10 & 11. (Saturday & Sunday).

An unconference is an event where every participant proactively participates in the event. Each particpant must take up an active role in the event by helping with the organizing of the event, by blogging or recoding the event and speaking at the event. There are no passive audiences in the event. Only active participants.

Ever since I jumped into active farming, I have had the chance to meet up with other people who are passionate about farming. Each of them bring in years of experience and diverse skills.

Interestingly, all of them are eager to share their knowledge with others. We realized that its important to have an event that brings together these awesome people. That’s when an idea of doing an unconference cropped up.

We are currently looking for a good venue to host the event. We are hoping that we would get Spaces, a wonderful location in Besant Nagar, Chennai. With its tree laden open spaces, its vicinity to the beach and a cozy Kerala styled hut, its tailor made for an unconference. Hoping to get this approved soon.

The topics covered vary from Organic Farming, Raising Chicken & Goats, Preparing natural pesticide, marketing our produce, Growing Millets, Community Farming etc.

We are constantly striving to get people to come speak on unique topics at the event. So, if you know someone passionate about a particular type of farming, please do pass the word about the event to them. Or you can tell us and we will take the steps to get the person to the event.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the event