In farm

We are planning to build a Chicken Coop at our Farm. The photo above is an inspiration and want to build something along similar lines.  We intend to build it with as much local materials available in the village.  If you are someone who likes to build things, someone who gets a high by getting busy with DIY (Do-it-Yourself) projects, we’d love to have you join us.

Rajendran, a talented carpenter from our village will be guiding us in building the Chicken coop. So, we are in very capable and safe hands.

We have already bought a pair of Turkey chicks and Guinea Fowls ( which escaped today !!) and intend to have a large bunch of country hens and cocks.  While the intention clearly is to raise them as free-range, we want to have a nice night shelter built for them.

We plan to start constructing the Chicken Coop from next week.  I suspect that this may take anywhere from two weeks to a month to finish it. If you are interested in joining us during any of the weekends or even longer, give me a shout at Kiruba(at) You can stay at our farmhouse and we go dutch with food.

This will be a fun project to work on.