In General

Disclaimer: I’m here on invitation on IBM to attend the Innovate 2013. This is an annual event where over 5000 developers from around the world gather together to hear over 300+ speakers.

At the IBM Innovate 2013 summit, its very loud and clear that the Big Blue has its eyes set on four major areas: Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and Social. Even as the event was going on, there were acquisitions made in these spaces. (Just today, IBM picked up SoftLayer for a rumoured $2 Billion)

IBM is ramping up its software, training and resources to help organizations create, test and deliver mobile and cloud applications. These new initiatives expand the development capabilities of IBM’s SmartCloud and IBM MobileFirst offerings.

Key to this transition is DevOps. DevOps is an integrated approach to software delivery that integrates an organization’s culture, processes, and tools. It spans the entire lifecycle, from business planning and creation to delivery and feedback. The goal of DevOps is to enable continuous software delivery allowing businesses to quickly seize market opportunities and better meet client demands. To view a picture story on the importance of DevOps, click here.

Given the close connection between mobile and cloud applications, the need for a single, automated DevOps strategy for both technologies is essential. IBM’s DevOps portfolio helps businesses address the full lifecycle of software delivery with a common approach regardless of the type of application being developed. Learn more about the entire portfolio here.