In Books


Yesterday, I saw a FB post which asked, “Are you from Chennai and a fan of Seth Godin? Let me know, I have something to share.”. I replied ‘yes to both’. Today, a young man dropped into my home to deliver a brand new book, Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception.

That man is Prabu Rajasekaran, a writer specializing in business proposals.

Here’s why I’m impressed with him. He had participated in Seth Godin’s Kickstarter project on a book and as a sign of gratitude, Seth Godin had sent him a bunch of books.

Prabu had already read the books and wanted to give it to others who would benefit from the book. Seth Godin would have been proud.

Prabu took the effort to drop into my home. He didn’t have to. If anything, it should have been me who should have gone to his house. Shows his humility. Thank you for paying it forward. I promise to share this book with others.

Now, who wants this book after I’m done reading?