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Predictably, my first column in today’s Deccan Chronicle newspaper focuses on useful tools to help achieve our life goals.


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The month of July means that half of 2013 is over and the second half has just begun. Now might be a good time to dig through your New Year Resolutions list that you wrote long time ago. Chances are, most of items remain unscratched. Fret not, for you have some wonderful life productivity tools to help complete your list of resolutions.

The first step in achieving one’s life goals is to write them down. is a very good place to do that. It shows other people who share similar interest and better still, people who have successfully completed the goal. The site lets others cheer you up and helps you to finish your goals in a positive manner.

It’s amazing how much time we waste in digging for the same information. Request for our profiles, sales proposals, product information etc can send us scurrying back to our emails or wade through folders to get the latest version. WittyParrot has a nifty, drag and drop tool to quickly send across the correct information. Its available both on your PC and the cloud.

The trick in achieving your New Year resolutions is to do the everyday tasks well. Among the plethora of To-Do-List tools, Wunderlist stands out as the best because of its simplicity. It’s a great way to list down all the tasks, set deadlines and scratch out the ones completed. With a very nice mobile app for both Android and iPhone, it seamlessly syncs between your smart phone and computer.

They say that if you can do a certain task continuously for 21 days, it forms a habit and sticks with you for life. However, it can be hard. How would it be if someone can hold you accountable? 21Habit is a site where you invest your real money, equivalent of 21 US Dollars (about Rs.1260). Every day, when you finish that task, you get one dollar (Rs.60) back in your account. Miss a day? It gets transferred to a charity.

Wishing you the very best in reaching your goals.

Kiruba Shankar is a digital entrepreneur, author, teacher and a farmer. You can write to him at

Kiruba Shankar's Column in Deccan Chronicle Newspaper