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I’m 40 but what the hell. ‘Eight smart money moves to make before the age of 30’ – The Economic Times.

They told you in school that the early bird got the worm. In college, the sermon was, well begun is half done. Just when you thought you had had enough of these preachy one-liners, ET Wealth has decided to goad you into action. Our message is simple: the investment decisions you make in the first 5-6 years of your career have the potential to transform your financial future. We list out eight smart money moves that investors should make before they turn 30.

There are obvious advantages of starting early. Most of us know that the longer we stay invested, the greater is the power of compounding. So, if you save Rs 5,000 a month in an option that earns 10% annually, your corpus at the end of 30 years would be a massive Rs 1.08 crore. Continue reading…