In Column, Deccan Chronicle

On Page 2 of today’s Deccan Chronicle newspaper, my tech column focuses on the amazing tech innovations in the latest cars. The idea for the column is inspired by my drive from Chail (near Shimla) to Chandigarh yesterday in the soon to-be launched Skoda Octavia. For this column, I looked at the latest models of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Ford and Skoda to get a grip on the latest technologies. Read on.

Smart Technology in Latest Cars

The car manufacturers are upping the ante when it comes to intelligent usage of technology. The amount of computing powers in latest cars have is mind-boggling. Technology has helped in various areas of safety, comfort, energy saving and entertainment. Here are some good examples.

Anti-Dozing Guard:
There are special sensors that keep an eye on your eyes. If a driver dozes off while driving, the sensor sends out a shrill alarm to wake him from the slumber. How does it know? By watching the eyelids !! When the eyelids no longer blink, it knows the driver is probably sleeping.

Auto-Braking Mechanism:
Sensors again come into play when the system finds your car approaching another vehicle and not slowing down. In this case, if it notices no action by the driver, the tech system slams the brakes and avoids collusion.

Emergency Call after Crash:
In the unfortunate circumstance of a car crash, the system automatically sends a signal to the emergency number alerting them of the accident. The siren and the hazard lights go off too to capture the attention of the passion vehicles for help.

Energy Saving Ideas:
One of the best uses of technology in high-end cars is to help increase the fuel efficiency and even better, to cut down on fuel consumption. Some of the latest models from Mercedes Benz switch off the car engine when it has been idling for 10 seconds or so. It instantly restarts at a gentle press of the accelerator. Also whenever the brakes are applied, the energy from the friction generated is converted into energy and used to recharge the batteries.

Seats with Memory:
Every person behind the wheel has a certain seating position that he or she is comfortable with. Some of the latest cars, like the Skoda Octavia, provide pre-set options where you can feed in the right height, back-rest inclination and seat distance from the steering wheel. The rear view mirrors also remember your right preference and adjust accordingly.