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During our ‘Deep Work’ Workshop, one of the participants mentioned that she found the FOREST app useful.  I made a note of it. I was looking for an app that combines both the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ and also logging in my hourly focus pattern.  Today, I downloaded the app and immediately started to like it.

Its best purpose is to let you stay away from your phone.  This is a problem that plagues me. The solution? A simple visual trick.  Everytime you commit to working for a certain time (say 20 minutes), a seed is planted when you start the clock.  The seed will germinate and a sapling will emerge and will continue to grow as long as your phone is not touched.   If you open up any other app, like your email or Facebook, the tree will die.

As a farmer, I hate to see a sapling or tree die. So, this works perfectly for me to continue to remain focused and to get away from my addiction of constantly peeking into my phone.