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As part of my travel goals, I always savour local cuisine. While there are many Kashmiri dishes, the easiest way am told to experience it is to try ‘Wazwan’. It’s the Kashmiri Thali. 

Now that I nailed the dish, I needed an authentic place to have Wazwan in Srinagar. A few people recommended ‘Mughal Durbar’. And so I went hunting for it. Follow my culinary journey below.

Its easy to find the place when the name itself is a landmark! I looked at the menu and my eyes popped out when I saw the cost. Rs.3600. Apparently its a single place for four people to share. The waiter said he would serve a quarter for me. I can tell you this much. Kashmiris love meat. Especially mutton. It’s clearly evident in Wazwan. It’s an over load of kebabs and curries overlaid over plain rice.

See that look on my face? That’s a look of disappointment. I tasted a few of the dishes and I must say it did not appeal to me. At Rs.900 a plate, that’s not a cheap meal. You expect something special. It just wasn’t.

Only after I finished my meal and stepped out of the restaurant, did I notice this board. Apparently, there are lots of knock offs of Mughal Darbar. And the people who recommended me this place never told me which is the original one.

It’s difficult to find the original one because each of them were claiming to be the real thing. They even went to warn people about the other ones as well.

Anyways, I determinatedly determinedly finished the meal and overdosed on meat. An interesting experience.