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I’m very excited to start a project that has been very close to my heart. To convert 7 acres of 13 acre Vaksana farms into a Food Forest. The idea is to replicate the denseness of a real forest.

The only difference is that all the trees and plants will bear edible produce that we can consume.

The Food Forest will have multiple layers of trees, plants, shrubs and creepers. The picture above illustrates that clearly. The goal is to turn an open land into something that you see below.

This project has been broken into 3 phases. Phase 1 is the one that you see marked in red in the satellite photo above. I plan to openly document the progress of this project. The successes, failures, struggles, emotions…everything. I also intend to crowdsource this project where people who are passionate about forestry and farming can join hands together. If you are interested in joining hands, please ping me at Also follow updates on the progress at our Facebook page at