In Books

The stack of books you see on the table is the New York Times bestseller, ‘Uplifting Service‘ by Ron Kaufman.

Ron, a genuinely nice guy, gifted his books to every participant at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention in Singapore. A wonderful gesture. The organisers placed the stack of books on every table.

That’s a US$25 book. A New York Times best-seller. A book that has 141 Amazon reviews with an impressive 4.8 out of 5 rating. From a guy who is one of the World’s top experts in customer service.

You would think it’s too good a deal to miss. Yet, I found quite a few books lying around unclaimed.

And that’s exactly where I have a problem.

Having authored 6 books, I know the sheer amount of effort, time and sacrifice it takes to bring out a book. Without a doubt, Ron Kaufman would have put his heart, soul and decades of experience into the book. And that’s reason enough for the book to get the respect it rightfully deserves.

Books lying unclaimed on tables is not good. It’s a poor reflection on both the book and the author.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly OK to give away your books for free. But only to people who value the contents of the book. Only to people who yearn for it.

Never assume that just because it is a New York bestseller from a popular author, everyone will want it.

My 2 cents worth. What do you think?