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I’ve joined hands with other to help set up the Professional Speakers Association of India (PSAI). If you are a speaker and want to get paid to speak globally, this is a good place to be. I’ve listed down the benefits of becoming a member of PSAI. Membership to the association will start next week.

GROW YOUR SPEAKING BUSINESS: When you join PSAI, you become part of a global community of peers who help each other become better as professional speakers. The goal is to learn the tricks of the trade to get higher speaking gigs around the World and make speaking as a well-paying business.

LISTING AT E-SPEAKERS DIRECTORY: This is the World’s largest and most authoritative compilation of all professional speakers in the World. This is the list that all conference organizers and corporates refer when they seek to find professional speakers for their events. As a member of PSAI, you qualify to be listed in the Global eSpeakers Directory.

AFFILIATED TO GLOBAL SPEAKERS FEDERATION (GSF): PSAI will become part of the prestigious GSF. This means that India will join 14 other Country Associations. This includes USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, South Africa, Namibia, Germany, Holland and Belgium. India will be the 15th Country to join GSF.

ACCESS TO SPEAKERS CONFERENCES AT DISCOUNTED RATES: By being a member of PSAI, you will be treated on par with being a member of other country associations and hence will be eligible for discounted member rates.

ACCESS TO MEMBERS ONLY RESOURCES: There will be valuable content like research reports, podcasts, conference videos and tools that will only be available for members.

ELIGIBLE TO HOLD LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Only members will have the right to vote and stand for elections in both PSAI as well as GSF.

MENTORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES BY GLOBAL SPEAKERS: This is a valuable benefit. We will constantly have successful global speakers help guide us to become better at the speaking business.

ACCESS TO MEETUPS AND WEBINARS: We will have regular meetups and webinars addressed by global speakers and this is limited only to members of PSAI. We will also have an annual offsite retreat for members and this offers great bonding and networking opportunities.

CSP & CSP FELLOW CERTIFICATION: These are prestigious certifications offered to the most successful professional speakers. Membership to PSAI is a must to even qualify to apply for these certifications.