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One of my big goals is to transition from a professional speaker to a Global Professional Speaker. This is something that I’ve been serious about and made a conscious commitment to invest in learning and meeting other global speakers. So, you can imagine my happiness when I chanced upon the International Speakers Summit.

57 Professional Speakers share their wisdom and knowledge over a 10 day period on how to improve one’s speaking business. I’ve heard quite a few of the speakers in person and they are excellent people to learn from.

I put trust in the system and signed up for the VIP pass. My strong belief is that it’s more important to implement the learning than just learning them. I felt the need to revisit the sessions many times and hence the need to have access to the sessions via the paid pass.

For me, it is also an opportunity to understand first hand how a full-fledged summit is conducted purely online. Keeping a close eye on how James Taylor, the host of the event, is organizing this.