In farm

After trying many times to get one of our cows pregnant naturally using bulls, I took a decision I’m not a big fan of: To get Netri Kanni, one of our four cows, artificially inseminated. Yesterday, we took her to the local veterinary clinic in our village.

When you watch the video of how this procedure is done, you’ll know why I’m not a big fan.

I posted this video yesterday on FB fully knowing that this may not go well with few of the audience. And I was right.

Good friends of mine, who mean well, asked me why do this inhuman act? Why have a cow in the first place? Why don’t I turn fully vegan?

I answer this as a common villager and not as a city-bred Entrepreneur also running a farm. Having a cow is an integral part of village life. It’s an important part of the entire agricultural ecosystem. For a few, it’s their entire livelihood.I  Unfortunately, they can’t afford to have cows as pets spending money on them. If they can, they would. 

Tending to cows is expensive. Food, medicine, shelter. All of these costs money. One way how cows helps cover the costs is via milk, which others are willing to pay for. To get milk, the cows need to get pregnant. 

Natural pregnancy is part of my personal farming ethos. This is how our other cows got pregnant. But after trying many times to get Netri Kanni pregnant with bulls, I finally took the call for help. 

For most other villagers, artificial insemination is a financial decision. Getting a bull to impregnate the cow costs Rs.150 everytime. On the other hand, artificial insemination is just Rs.20. This explains why there was a crowd at the vet clinic.

Hopefully, I’ve explained my point of view.