In Social Media

Lessons #1: During our lunch on Day 2 at the Temple, Amar Ramesh, the founder of StudioA, encouraged me to use Instagram more often. He looked at me and said, ‘Kiruba, the World is moving away from Facebook’.  Taking a cue from him, I have updated the Instagram account for Vaksana Farms. Also, committing myself to keep it updated regularly along with Facebook.

Lesson #2:  I’ve known  Amar Ramesh and Venkatesh Pannirselvan, a serial entrepreneur, for some time now. Both of them attended the Food Forest Workshop that I recently conducted at Vaksana Farms. I have noticed a certain characteristic of them. They consciously invest the time and effort to continuously keep learning. They regularly attend training programs (both of them have been to Vaksana farms programs three times).  This inspired me to take action today. I have signed up for a Permaculture Workshop conducted by Krishna McKenzie of Solitude Farms on Feb 26, 27 & 28.